REMINGTON® 700 / STRIKE 33 Series Chassis System

Drake Associates,
All I can say is its an impressive system to say the least, user friendly and incredibly easy to assemble. The design makes it very easy to service or upgrade the trigger. I love this system and cant wait to get it to the range. I will post (photos and details) on Snipershide today.
Thanks again!
Damon N.

SNIPERS BLOG Editors Note – Damon had built this weapon to closely resemble the NEW US MILITARY M24E1 / XM2010® .300 Win Mag calibered Sniper Weapon System that is currently manufactured by REMINGTON® Defense . He spent the time to research the appropriate equipment that was specified in the contract that was awarded in 2010 by the US Military on this new Sniper Weapon System. Damon added the correct rings supplied by Badger Ordinance® 306-54, Leupold® Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm Extended Range/Tactical (ER/T) M5 Locking Adjustment rifle scope, Quick detach AAC / Advanced Armament Corporation® Titan-QD muzzlebrake.

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Link to US Army Times magazine on details of the XM2010 / M24E1 Sniper Weapon System


















PGM Ultima Ratio Review

Oh, every day with a PGM is a great range day! Here are a couple of photos me and my PGM working in this fine Virginia Winter weather. I have never run into any rifle that shot more consistently well than this one. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m feeding it 155 gr or 168 gr or 175 grain ammo – it just stays sub-minute of angle. The trigger is fantastic and all you have to do is put light pressure on and it’s there.
It does the two things you want a rifle to do: shoot very, very well and it draws a crowd every time. Shooters love attention at the range..

Rick L.






CADEX Strike 33 Gen 2 Sniper Chassis System

All right everyone, here are the photos of the STRIKE 33 Gen 2 Sniper Chassis for the Remington 700 Long Action. This is the action that is popular with the civilians for use with the Remington 700 in calibers such as .270 Rem .30-06, .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua Magnum. This chassis is also a refit for the existing Remington 700 Long Action US Military M24 Sniper Weapon Systems in .308 and can also be used as an upgrade for the new M24E Sniper Weapon Systems in .300WM.








Review of CADEX Strike Series Chassis Strike 30, Strike 33, Strike 50

Drake Associates and CADEX recognized that there was a critical demand for a universal, modular tactical chassis that would be adaptable to a number of popular barreled actions. We have examined all of the leading chassis designs and evaluated the pros and cons of each and evaluated the requirements of the Law enforcement and military sniper communities. It was determined that a compact, lightweight fully adjustable and collapsible unit was needed that would survive the roughest conditions. The result is the 2012 CADEX STRIKE 30/33/50 GEN 2 SERIES. We now have available the following chassis systems in GENERATION 2 configuration.

STRIKE 30- is compatible with the REMINGTON 700 footprint short action and the RANGEMASTER Precision Arms Quadlite actions.

STRIKE 33 – is compatible with the REMINGTON 700 footprint long action that can be used as an upgrade for the original standard US Army M24 .308 Sniper Weapon, when ordered in the PACKAGE A configuration. This chassis is more advanced than the M24E Chassis that is being used currently on this program or the PSR solicitation (MSR type chassis) or the US Army XM2010/M24E .300WM program. This chassis can be used also with the US Navy Crane MK13 Sniper Weapon System .300WM. This chassis when ordered in PACKAGE B will be compatible for the .300WM and .338LM Calibers.

STRIKE 50- is compatible with the world renowned McMillan Tac50 and is also a direct upgrade for the US NAVY Crane- MK 15
We believe that the CADEX STRIKE series chassis when combined with the appropriate action is equal to and an improvement to such tactical systems as the US Army XM2010, RACS, Remington MSR, AI AW, AE and AX models, SAKO TRG-22 and TRG42, Desert Tactical .338 ,Barrett MRAD or M98B, M107, Ashbury Saber-Forrest and others in this line of long range precision weapons chassis and systems.

Drake associates has also combined this CADEX chassis with the RANGEMASTER Precision Arms Stalker and Interceptor Rifles and is offering a complete package called the STALKER GEN 2. This is a very compact, mid-range sniper rifle 900m+ with sub minute accuracy. (Overall length 35, collapsed length- 27”, weight 12 lbs) The INTERCEPTOR GEN 2 Sniper weapon system is a full 26” barrel length Sniper Weapon System details on Drake associates website.


STALKER GEN 2 at Range Day

Hi Chris,
Pete Petersen from Sniper Company put on a good range at SHOT SHOW; it was well attended by about 25 people.

The system shot great, a bunch of personnel shot it, and they were impressed. Targets were easily engaged and hit out to 765 yards. An impressive 16 inch system to say the least.

I received very positive feedback about the RPA (Rangemaster Precision Arms) and the chassis combination. RPA Trigger was well received, a number of folks asked if the ROA trigger would fit Remington type receivers.

Below is a picture of me (wearing hat) explaining the system.


Best Regards
Steve J.

Review of Drake Associates STALKER GEN 2

Drake Associates Stalker Gen II

During the Sniper Company SHOT show shoot 2012 I was able to spend a little time with the Stalker Gen II rifle system. When it first made its way to the firing line I was instantly drawn toward it. It isn’t something I see often in field precision rifle matches. The rifle was short and compact not your usual long barreled precision rifle.

I like the rifles ability to quickly adjust the ergonomics for the individual shooter without having to use tools. I was shown how the adjustments are made and you can quickly dial it in for a different shooter. If the shooter is comfortable behind the rifle he won’t fatigue as quickly and can maintain a higher level of focus for prolonged periods of time. I also think the ability to quickly change the ergonomics from one shooter to another is an asset for LEO departments and MIL units. Situations where you may not have one precision rifle for one shooter 100% of the time.

The chassis also featured a free floated fore end that offers the ability to attach additional tools like IR illuminators, lights and thermal units. At the 12 O’clock position is a monolithic rail the runs the length of the fore stock and mates up to the action receiver. This provides an excellent rigid platform to attach your optics. In this case it was one of the new Leupold Tactical scope with a Horus reticle.
Something that jumped out at me was the fact this chassis folds to the right and accommodates the action bolt handle. I thought that was an excellent idea to protect the bolt handle and assure the action stays closed. Another feature I haven’t seen before was the ability to access the trigger without having to remove the barreled action from the chassis. Those familiar with chassis will know that if you do not have an externally adjustable trigger and have to make some adjustments you will need to remove your barreled action from the chassis its self. That is not the case with this rifle, you can remove the magazine well and trigger guard and access the trigger to make the needed adjustments.

The action itself was a short action with standard bolt face. It had 4 locking lugs and utilized a M16 short/Sako type extractor. The 60 degree bolt lift was a special treat because I am so used to a 90 degree lift. The action was extremely smooth and easy to run. The short bolt lift and smooth action made follow up shots very easy and fast! The rifle was fed from 10 round AICS type magazine which is an excellent feature because the AICS magazine system is very prevalent in precision shooting. You have your choice between different magazine makers and the ability to run 5 round magazines or 10 round magazines.

The rifle barrel was short to maintain the need for a compact system. The 16” 1-10” twist fluted barrel was finished with a Rangemaster muzzle brake. The brake was loud but did its job and took any hop or jump out of the rifle. The fast twist barrel shot Federal Match 168 grain and 175 grain factory ammo very well. I was able to go from my 6.5mm match rifle right over to the Stalker Gen II and rapidly connect with a 25”x15” IPSC steel target at 762.68 yards. Coming back to the 100 yard zeroing target I was able to shoot a sub-MOA group and I’m sure with more time behind the rifle I would have been able to quickly bring that down to 0.5 MOA.

With the Stalker Gen II’s compact size, sound suppression is an obvious route to go. With its short barrel you can attach a suppressor and still have a very manageable short system with the added advantages of suppressing the report of the rifle. With a suppressor attached the report of the rifle is tamed and the largest sound signature is the bullet breaking the sound barrier which ends up sounding like a loud “crack”. If you need total sound discipline you can switch to sub sonic ammunition. With sub sonic ammunition the bullet is traveling slower than the speed sound and you end up with an extremely quite rifle. Because of the Stalker Gen II’s attributes the Delta P. Designs 762 Brevis suppressor would be my 1st choice. The 762 Brevis is very short for a .308 suppressor and will maintain the balance of the rifle, not unnecessarily increasing the rifles overall length and providing the advantage of suppressing the report of the rifle.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Drake Associates Stalker Gen II and look forward to shooting it again. The rifle system is very impressive, fun to shoot and offers a large amount of modularity for Law Enforcement marksmen and Military Snipers. I am very thankful to Sniper Company for giving me the opportunity to attend their SHOT show shoot and see some of the very exciting things to come in the world of precision rifle shooting.
Joeseh F. Comfort
Sin City Precision Shooters

PS – I wish I could have had more time with the rifle it was very enjoyable to shoot. Here are more insights I have. The rifle is fairly light and well balanced. That will aid in positional shooting and semi supported shooting. Even with its short barrel making hits a distance is easy.The rifle is compact and easy to transport. I dont normally use 2 stage triggers but I did like the myrid of trigger adjustments so it can be dialed in for the shooters preference. I wasnt a big fan of the particular optic used.














For further detais:

Stalker Gen 2 Rangemaster Precision Arms .308 Sniper Weapon System photos from 8541 Tactical


Gents the STALKER GEN 2 was at the 2012 SHOT SHOW and on 01/18/2012

the weapon participated in a LIVE Fire DEMO.

Some comments are as follows:

I shot your rifle today. I was very impressed. I was able to take a swag at the dope based on another 16″ 7.62 x 51 and make a first round hit and then the rest of the magazine on the 688 yd silhouette target. Nice ergonomics and tool free adjustment in the chassis/stock allowed me to adjust the length of pull and comb height in less that one minute.

Best regards,

Byron Petersen
Delta P Design


Our Newest Product is the STALKER GEN 2 Sniper Weapon System that features a Rangemaster Precision Arms Action, 16″ Standard or Tactical Profile Barrel that showcases the finest in barreled actions and chassis systems, for engaging targets to 900m. Also available is the INTERCEPTOR GEN 2 SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEM that features a 26″ long barrel for engaging targets to 1000m. System features a Strike 30 series chassis.