STALKER 338LM McMillan by Mike D.

Hello Chris
I finished the barrel break in that was recommended by you last week, and today was my very first time trying 1000 yds. ive shot a bunch at 400 and a little at 500 with my other 338 lapua but never any target shooting beyond that.
First shot was on the cardboard so that made me very happy i just needed to adjust a little more for wind. then i fired a few more and ended up with a 3 shot 7.75″ group. its no record but i was extremely happy with it being my first time at 1000yds
I have 52 rounds through this rifle and cant wait to shoot it more. I will tune it in a little more when i have more time and give you an update.
Thanks again for building such a sweet rifle :-) Hope you are doing well
Take care
Mike D.



Bob & Chris Drake,
I want to thank you both yet again for delivering a magnificent weapon system. The Drake Stalker series of weapons have proven themselves over and over again, and you now have a customer for life. After serving 15 years under USSOCOM in three different branches of service (USMC Force Recon, US Navy SWCC, US Army Special Forces, and US Army 160th S.O.A.R.), and spent a bit overseas in the private security sector, I have become quite attached to most of my weapon systems that I’ve operated with.
After retiring not too long ago I became even more involved with the sporting aspect of shooting Your weapon systems are without a doubt among the top of their class. Every rifle I have purchased from Drake Associates has helped me to attain shot groups I never would have imagined…and they only keep getting tighter. The Stalker .30-06 Strike Dual Rem 700 L/A I received a couple months ago exceeded for beyond my expectations. I’ve consistently been able to hold a shot group no larger than 9″s at a range of 1397 meters. But, this left me with one problem…now I shoot far too often and have seemed to have left my wife alone quite more often than before, but you had a solution for that as well…..THE DRAKE PINK SERIES STALKER!!!
I purchased one of your Drake Pink Series Stalker rifles for my wife, and she too has become far more of an avid shooter. We selected one chambered in .308WIN, and with the AAC muzzle brake Drake Associates has mounted at the lethal end of this weapon, you hardly feel any recoil what so ever. And, just to clear the air, this weapon shoots so well that I’m often found at the range or in the woods shooting it myself… or not, this rifle is a serious tack-driver!
So, Bob and Chris Drake, I’d just like to thank you both again for another impeccable weapon system that has been delivered with the utmost meticulousness that I’ve come to expect from Drake Associates. And most of all, in a sense, you guys are responsible for saving my marriage by offering the pink stalker. Not only that, but your generosity to donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these pinks series rifles to help combat breast cancer, shows that you run a company of great integrity and high moral values!
Until our next transaction, I’d just like to thank everyone at Drake Associates on behalf of my entire family, but most of all from myself. You guys are producing weapons that’s are not only enjoyable to shoot, but have a very high aptitude and wealth of uses to not only private shooters, but to any shooter operating under any circumstance (combat or not), and in any environment. I have recommended your products to many of my prior operating teammates (and even my own clients), and will continue to do so as long as you continue to build the highest grade of weaponry on the market at very reasonable prices…
Thank you greatly,
Robert “Clay” Stalberger
Proprietor/Sales Executive
(Tier 1 Tactical United Solutions)






Brett P – STALKER 308 Range Photos snow December 2013

Chris Hi
Wanted to update my experience.
Trigger was pulling threw without break point .
From PDF on Rangemaster web site I adjusted creep and finger pull . Very easy to do .Trigger now has positive break point .
In my opinion, its agreed mechanical parts may need time to settle in . therefore adjustments are typical with this rifle .
My confidence level is very high , after a week or days I can aim down range send a round and hit my POA evry time !
Size of for end is perfect in hand . Rifle is very solid with minimal recoil .
Take a look at photos. 194 yrds, two shoots cold bore. Just decided to go out set up a couple of hits on AR 500 steel target .
Thank you again for setting me up proper .
Best wishes for new year ahead , keep in touch if there is new advancements or any ELR shooting events in our area .
Brett P






DRAKE STALKER 300WM Review with Photos by Teddy A., Texas

I first found out about the Remington MSR / XM2010 project through a Call of Duty game. I decided that I wanted one for myself, and started looking into availability. I created a thread on The Sniper’s Hide, which pointed me in the direction of Chris Drake and Drake Associates of Shelter Island, NY. I spoke at length with Chris about specifications, and he told me he could start a build of his Stalker system for me. Chris even had guidance and recommendations for superior alternatives to what I was seeking. As far as I’m convinced, every component of my rifle is as good as or better than the M2010 the U.S. Army is currently fielding.
After about 6 months of build-time, the rifle was sent to my FFL, and both he and I were speechless. Every facet of the Stalker is precision made and made for precision. The bolt cycles smoothly, the adjustable trigger is crisp, and the scope is perfect. This isn’t just some run-of-the-mill mass produced Remington 700 (although it did start as a 700).
Chris was able to put me in contact with a marksmanship instructor local to me. In November I was able to meet with the instructor to learn principles of precision shooting. Prior to that instruction, my only long distance shooting experience has been 300m qualifications with an M16A2. The accuracy that the Stalker delivers puts other rifles to shame. After spending the first day getting zeroed, the second day my first group was 3 rounds, cold bore, tighter than .5″ at 100 yards.
Everything about the Stalker makes it comfortable to shoot, from the muzzle brake to the multi-directional adjustable stock. I had never shot a magnum rifle projectile, and the weight of the Stalker tames the .300 Winchester Magnum round to less than 5.56mm NATO recoil.
If you’re looking for a custom long-range precision rifle, look no further than the Drake Stalker series.
-Teddy A, Texas






STALKER 308 Delivery for Brett P., Photos and Performance Results

When I decided to challenge myself in LR accuracy shooting. Many nights were spent going over all info available on internet. What I wanted was a battle rifle, legal in any state, with a bench queens precision. Drake Associates offer flexibility, different bolts, barrels, brakes, etc.
Chris Drake is in charge of all builds. He is busy and a stand up guy. We decided to build a 308 in a 26″ Satern barrel, charged by a 4 lug Rangemaster Precision Arms bolt with custom lever. Barrel is a heavy tactical capped with a custom brake. (M24E profile Barrel)
Cadex holds everything together finished in military green Cerakote which covers all manufacturer’s markings. After holding my breath and further review the feds released weapon to me. There was enough time to zero optics. I decided to use Leupold mark 4 ELR TMR with matching spotting scope. After five rounds down range, stock was collapsed, for its first cleaning. Another 20 rounds to end the day .
Second day was when I realized what kind of animal this rig is. First two shots were center circle @ 100 yards moved up .5 mils to 200 yards striking a 4″ AR 500 steal popper (target) . Next, another .8 mils totaling 13 to 317 yards., group was .75″ to 1″ . 393 yards was impressive – sub .5″ ! Finally, 537 yards turned out .75″ to 1″ groups. Weather was 16 deg. F, less than 5 mph wind.
As for overall performance, as a novice shooter I would say Good. Chassis has play in folding hinge and mags need a firm slap into action. Other than that, there were no real issues.
There is a video out, showing mags pop out while firing. This issue is resolved. Take a look at photos, rifle is a work horse, very stable platform. Anyway, thank you Chris for all your hard work and support.
Brett P.
Snipers Blog Ed Note – Brett has only placed a handful of rounds down range with this rifle. As he learns the rifle more, his SUB MOA groups will even get tighter. Great shooting Brett! Hope to have some additional results soon. Brett wanted a system that was heavy duty and robust and exceeded US Military M24E specifications










Drake Stalker Just Arrived – by Sandwalk3r

I ordered this in March for my 30th birthday and sold several rifles to cover it. I really wasn’t prepared for just how awesome this rifle feels.
I’m a really tall guy, so I was attracted to the CADEX chassis. It already fits like a glove for LOP, and comb height.
The Rangemaster action so far seems great, though I haven’t ever worked with a quad lug. Feels great dry firing.
I know they did me a solid with a barrel upgrade, which was a welcome addition to the build. I’ve never had this heavy a barrel on a rifle, but heavy is fine with me.
The trigger is something I already love from dry firing. I was used to a “if you breathe on it, the trigger will pull”-adjusted Jewell trigger. This trigger feels more overall solid and under control.
I haven’t had a chance yet to take it to the range. And it’s going to be a good while before I put some respectable glass on it. But I couldn’t be more happy with the purchase thus far. Obviously range performance is the final test of a rifle, but I’m really happy with it.
Chris was great to work with. Two thumbs up. This thing is built like a tank. Totally worth the wait.
Now for the Thunder Beast can, an Atlas, a good scope and enough cash to someday pay for a TNVC clip-on!!







Jason Kendall NEW STALKER 6.5 Creedmoor DELIVERY

Hey Chris,
Just returned home with the rifle! WOW!!! You sure do some pretty work, friend! I love the look, and have a range session this weekend, up to 1200yds, to try it out…
Any chance you can get me the sane Larue FDE bipod I caught in your last photo? I have optics and whatnot, but I don’t want to put a black bipod on here, I like Larue furnishings and would love to buy from you if you have one to sell.
Amazing freaking rifle, though! Even if it were a safe trophy, which for certain it won’t, this is by far the prettiest firearm I have ever laid eyes on! Did you weigh her? Satern sure did not cut corners on material, this barrel is HEA-VY!!! LOVE IT!!!
Jason Kendall
JPK Precision Ballistics, Inc.
(727) 800-6946 office
(813) 325-1683 cell