Drake Associates would like to Congratulate Dark Storm Industries, LLC.as our selected special host dealer that will feature this very CUSTOM DRAKE Associates built REMINGTON 700 .308 SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEM (short action) with Nikon Optics Package and book “Kill Shot”. This special rifle was personally camouflaged, range tested / fired and autographed (rifle and book) by Timothy L. Kellner, US Army Sniper, “VIPER 6″.

Timothy L. Kellner is a dedicated and committed asset to the US Military and international Sniper Community during the Global War on Terrorism. Kellner is recognized as one of the top snipers in world history and was additionally recognized as a guest speaker at the 9th International Sniper Competition at Ft Benning.

It was Tim’s idea was to build a rifle that a portion of the proceeds would go to the Hike to Survive organization. The Hike to Survive organization assists with transitioning soldiers, sailor and airmen from military life to civilian life through a week long wilderness hiking adventure. This hiking expedition assists these heroes with developing coping mechanisms and transitional help to civilian life through direct peer support. This special charity rifle will be at the Dark Storm Industries shop in East Islip, NY for viewing scheduled to arrive late next week.

Special Purchase Details:
Details on the rifle can be obtained by contacting, calling or emailing Dark Storm Industries. ed@dark-storm.com pete@dark-storm.com 255 Carleton Ave, East Islip, NY 11730
(631) 967-3170 www.DARK-STORM.com

CUSTOM Remington 700 Sniper Weapon System Rifle Details:
This custom rifle and book was personally autographed by Timothy Kellner “Viper 6”.

Remington 700 Sniper Weapon system was built by Drake Associates Inc.

The original host Remington 700 Short Action has undergone accuracy work, added a re-worked M700 Police barrel with MATCH .308 chamber, 11 degree target crown, 5/8×24 UNEF class 3 threads, Surefire 7.62 Muzzle break, Timney 510 adjustable trigger, HS Precision Stock, Drake Hunter Stalker 20 MOA Long Night Vision Rail System, Nikon 3-9×40, TPS Tactical Rings, Bipod BR 6-9 model, Cerakote Flat Dark Earth Base Coat and autographed camo overcoat Aluma-Hyde II job done by Kellner himself with “personal camo” skull enhancements. A copy of the book “Kill Shot” that Kellner is featured in is included with this rifle.

ATT_1428678079571_20150410_094414 (4) IMG_6406 IMG_6403 20150402_173824 (3)


US SOCOM PSR contract Days

We were just going through some of our pictures from our promotional video when we were working with our PSR submission rifle for US SOCOM PSR Contract back from 2009 and 2010. Here are some of our favorite pics from those days. We spent a lot of time with the PGM 338 PSR rifle for the development of the submission version that we had provided as a joint effort between Drake Associates and ATK Lake City.

The PGM 338LM PSR submission rifle used a 27 and 23″ barrel for both 250 and 300Gr. Lapua ammunition. Suppressor was developed by AWC as the PGM Thundertrap Titanium. Special Cerakote Flat Dark Earth coating had IR reflective properties and made weapon virtually disappear when viewed through night vision devices. Also a special bottom 6 oclock picitinny rail was made here in the states by Laure Tactical for the use of the Larue LT706 QD Harris Bipod assembly. We were very pleased with the picitinny rail equipment that was manufactured for us by Larue Tactical, we even used their LT111 OBR scope QD Scope rings set for this rifle system. It was the 34mm set that we had chosen for use the Schmidt Bender PMII 5-25×56 with P4 Fine reticle.

The PGM 338LMPSR tactical sniper rifle when fired at the 1500m targets was printing SUB MOA with both the rifle in the suppressed and un-suppressed configurations. We happened to like both performance on the 250gr and 300gr ammunition supplied by Nammo / Lapua. What was quite notable was that the 250gr allowed for the required threshold of 700 ft lbs of energy on target at 1500m.

Even though the the PGM338LM was not selected as the final US SOCOM PSR contract winner, we did have the ability to examine all rifles that were submitted. This was a good thing for the team at Drake,  as we were able to then hand pick and choose high quality vendors to supply us with equipment and components on the later developed DRAKE STALKER Tier 1 Sniper weapon systems. 

home-top-pic-8 home-pic-1 IMG_5613 IMG_5666

SHOT Show 2015: Day 1

Short Barrel Shepherd | January 21, 2015
The first offical day of SHOT Show 2015 is in the books! We went to a few appointments, dropped by to see some old friends, and made a bunch of new ones. Here are the highlights in rough chronological order; we’ll be doing more in-depth articles about many of these vendors after we get home. And sleep.


Long-range shooting platforms is not my usual thing, but we found the ultra-portable rifle platform from Drake Associates interesting. The rifles are built up from existing, familiar platforms and made more compact without sacrificing accuracy. The model I handled at the Drake booth today had a 12″ barrel and a Hera Arms folding stock assembly. With a muzzle attachment, the rifle measured just over 26″ folded.


Coupled with a discreet carry bag, I could see this being popular with law enforcement or those who are interested in longer-range shooting. We’ll have more information in an upcoming post.


Hello Chris,
Just wanted to get back to you on the new rifle. I finished mounting my S&B scope last weekend and took it to my friends place. He is a 89 year old WWII Navy Veteran that has 40 acres. We set up our own range a few years ago.It is at an elevation of 9,600 feet, so the bullets really fly! I did the usual barrel break-in and shot about 65-70 rounds of 250 and 300 gr. Lapua and Black Hills ammunition. The rifle performed perfectly with out any problems at all. I just wanted to thank you for building me such a great .338 platform. Also, thanks for the scope you sent me.I put it on one of my 10/22 rifles.
I also sent along some pictures of the finished rifle showing some of the detail. I’ll send better ones along to you as I get them.
Once again thanks for doing a great job !!
























New TITLE Strike Lite Chassis delivered for Mark F.


I finished building up the chassis yesterday (Friday), and took it to my range today. Even though the range was setup for 25 yard pistol shooting, I wanted to get an initial sight-in and feel for the chassis.

This system (Cadex Lite Strike, Remington 26” 700 .308, Nightforce 15 – 50X Competition scope) is the most incredible device I have ever owned, bar none. Although the results were only at 25 yards, they were astonishing. The adjustability of the chassis enable me to fit it like a glove to my shooting position; everything was perfect, and even as an avid amateur I was able to achieve the most accurate and consistent results I’ve ever had with a rifle. Next weekend I’ll get to try it at 100 yards; the next step will be at an outdoor range in Northern Colorado where I can shoot 400 yards. After that… ???

Attached are some preliminary pictures; they probably aren’t good enough to post on your website, but you’re welcome to do so if you feel otherwise. I intend to get some better photos in the future.




The only aspect of the system I wasn’t satisfied with was the Harris bipod. I’m looking for a replacement; I’ve heard good feedback on products from Sinclair but any suggestions you might offer would be appreciated. I am looking for something with fine adjustments on both pods to get my shooting aspect level to eliminate cant error.

Thanks for all of your help. You will get outstanding product and service reviews from me (I have quite a number of work associates that are already drooling over my new system…).


Mark F.


Ok, gents – here’s some pictures, the new addition – small saturation and brightness correction to account for the 100+ degree weather under the california sun we have today. zeroing on saturday – trying to shoot a match with it on sunday. 6.5 creedmoor, remington 700 receiver, 20″ varmint profile barrel, magpul CTR stock (fully collapsed). 15 pounds as shown.
The fit was excellent and when i first assembled the strike dual last year, i was very impressed with how (almost) everything fit perfectly. On the lite strike, i was again impressed. Please tell your CAD and machinist people they do good work.
Feedback from the various LEOs at sniper school was entirely positive when examining the strike dual. They wanted it to be lighter, though and the lite strike core would have been even more impressive since it’s about 3 pounds lighter.
– A.L.

sonoma_cadex 203

the heavy rifle – 20″ .308, medium palma profile. 18 pounds. same glass as above.

sonoma_cadex 197

family portrait:

sonoma_cadex 198