Norax – Specialist in Induction Annealing Systems

Norax Canada, celebrating 25 years of experience in induction technology, can supply to your company unique induction units based on a patented technology for heat treating ammunition components including: body and mouth anneal of cartridge cases as well as for specific projectile applications such as lead core bonding to copper jacket.

Norax Canada is recognized by many ammunition producers around the world as a very professional company to manufacture high quality and reliable induction equipment. References could be supplied upon request.

  1. Why Norax is so unique?
    • The induction unit is very compact and occupies about a floor space of 1m by 1m (10 ft. square).
    • Advanced electronic automatically monitors phase changes in the material including magnetic transformation at Curie temperature.
    • Possibility to exchange coil(s) without need to modify the “matching box” or capacitor tank. Advanced electronics automatically detect the new coil and adjust the internal parameters instantly.
  2. Norax offers technical supports such as:
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Metallurgical and Safety supports
  3. Services after Sales
    • Norax will reply within 5 days for any technical support required by your company. A warranty of 3 years is included.
  4. Proven Capabilities
    • The photos above show what Norax has already accomplished for body/mouth annealing and for lead core bonding projects.
  5. Price
    • The price is based on the electrical power requirement to meet your specifications. Compared to competition, the prices are very attractive. Moreover, very flexible financial arrangements could be made.
  6. Point of Contact

For more information do not hesitate to contact:

Drake Associates, Inc. – U.S. / Mr. Bob Drake

Phone: 631-749-1100

Fax : 631-749-1515