ND PressTec GmbH

The ND PressTec GmbH located in Schwerte, Germany is a world-wide leading partner of the ammunition manufacturers for small and medium calibers and is part of the renowned NAMMO group.

Our main products are cups and discs of the highest quality, for ammunition manufacture of small and medium calibers up to 20 mm. Our cups and discs are both used for civilian and military purposes.

In the United States the team of Drake Associates and ND PressTec GmbH have become a strategic supplier for military cups for bullet jackets and cartridge case to the ATK Lake City Army Ammunition Arsenal & OLIN Winchester. We are also working with the leading civilian ammunition companies on the development of new and innovative cup products.

ND PressTec GmbH Factory

ND PressTec GmbH produces cups/discs for ammunition manufacture, supplying ordinance factories all over the world. Our cups are both used for the military as well as the police sector. Also, sports shooters and hunters are amongst the end users.

Our production in the small caliber sector is characterized by a constant high quality level and our permanent efforts to even further improve and optimize all processes.

ND PressTec GmbH is able to provide you and your end customers with a wide portfolio of cups and high-quality service, thanks to state-of-the-art production processes, technologies and testing facilities. We both produce to the customers’ specifications and drawings as well as to special and general standards.

ND PressTec GmbH

ND PressTec GmbH is currently working on various US Government contracts to supply the US Military with the finest bullet case and jacket cups available for the manufacture of high quality ammunition products. Drake Associates and ND PressTec GmbH continue to look for ways to improve the bullet manufacturing processes and pass this technological know how information on to its customers. ND PressTec GmbH and Drake Associates have the experience required to fulfill the customers needs.