Combining elements of an AR with the barreled action of a bolt gun, a completely new modular hybrid in the firearm world has emerged along with a new descriptive term—the chassis rifle. Chambered in the sensationally accurate 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .308 Win and .243 Win, the chassis rifle has been burning up the increasingly popular long-range and tactical matches. A new chassis model, our Savage 10 BA Stealth, debuted recently.

The heart and soul of a chassis rifle is a precisely machined aluminum body assembly with a magazine well, a lower and, possibly, an upper handguard. The chassis accepts and anchors the barreled action in place. Normally, the chassis features a solid “V” block bedding system that eliminates the need for glass bedding while other chassis makers offer an adjustable bedding block. Either way, the build is basically a drop-in fit. Once the chassis and barreled action are joined, the fun begins as a rifle build such as this now offers the maker almost unlimited options for triggers, pistol grips, buttstocks, sights and accessory rails.

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Any company that could build a chassis-based precision rifle that performs well, and sells at an “affordable” price, was sure to do well in this new and emerging market. Ruger did it first with their Ruger Precision Rifle, which is selling faster than they can make it. Next out of the gate are the new Savage Model 10 BA Stealth and Model 110 BA Stealth rifles.

The Model 10 BA Stealth, a short-action rifle, is offered in .308 Winchester 6.5 Creedmoor. It appears that the .308 Winchester is being marketed to Law Enforcement. It has a 20-inch barrel, which is often preferred by LE snipers who need precision, but seldom shoot at extreme distances. The Model 10 in 6.5 Creedmoor chambering has a longer, 24-inch barrel and is ready out of the box for long range shooting. This cartridge is dominating in long range shooting right now and I have no hesitation in predicting that it will be the best selling chambering for this rifle.

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The DRAKE HUNTER STALKER Light Weight Stalker System for Remington Short Action(s). A drop in fit for Remington 700 rifle systems and Savage Model 10 and 110 systems. Available for both LONG and SHORT Actions. Other Hunter Stalker LWSS models will be available soon. Rifle system chassis – PATENT PENDING 

HunterStalker-LightWeight HS-Bulletholes2 HS-Bulletholes