Savage Stealth

2016 US Army International Sniper Competition

Special Congratulations to the US Army National Guard Warrior Training Center! We are ANNOUNCING that the US Army Warrior Training Center placed 4th at the 2016 US Army International Sniper Competition at Ft. Benning in late Fall.

This sniper team was using two Savage Stealth 308 Rifles, Bushnell HDMR Scopes, Tactical Spotting Kit, etc…

The competition had approx. 45 various teams from the US Military, US Law Enforcement and the International Sniper Community – Please keep in mind that the majority of the sniper competition teams are highly funded and well equipped US and International Special Forces or Special Operations units as compared to the national guard units.

Savage Arms / Vista Outdoor and Drake Associates Team should be very proud of this accomplishment as once again the US Army National Guard yielded excellent results with the Stealth being an $1200 consumer affordable precision long range rifle that competed very well against custom built sniper rifles that were $8000-15000 each in agency costs per rifle.

Sniper_2   Sniper_3  sniper_1

In That; The Army NG WTC team further reported that the Savage Stealth 308 rifles were making Long Range SUB MOA hits to 1100 Meters with this consumer affordable rifle system.

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Congratulations US ARMY National Guard Warrior Training Center Team on an impressive win! Special Congratulations to Savage Arms / Vista Outdoor and the Drake Associates Team, that includes Modular Driven Technology, Hogue, LBE Unlimited and Mako/Fab Defense.

For a complete list of special sniper deployment gear that this team used during the competition please contact Drake Associates.