NEW - HUNTER STALKER SERIES Tactical Rifle / Sniper Weapon System

DRAKE HUNTER STALKER Tactical Rifle /  Sniper Weapon System
(Light Weight Sniper System  with Quick Change Capable Barrel)
Our Newest Products are the DRAKE HUNTER STALKER .308 Sniper Weapon System that features a Remington Action, 16" MATCH Tactical Profile Barrel (with QUICK CHANGE BARREL CAPABLE system) that showcases the finest in barreled actions and wearing the new Hunter Stalker LWSS short action chassis systems, for engaging targets to 1000m. 

Also available is the HUNTER STALKER Long Action .30-06, 7mm Mag or .300WM SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEM that features a 20" MATCH Tactical Profile Barrel (with QUICK CHANGE BARREL CAPABLE system) and the new Hunter Stalker LWSS long action chassis system for engaging targets beyond 1000m. 

NEW - DRAKE HUNTER STALKER LWSS Chassis System (for Rem 700 Long and Short actions)
NEW - DRAKE HUNTER STALKER LWSS Chassis System - Long and Short Action
Our Newest Products are the DRAKE HUNTER STALKER Light Weight Stalker System for Remington Short Action(s). A drop in fit for Remington 700 rifle systems . Available for both LONG and SHORT Actions. Other Hunter Stalker LWSS models will be available soon.
Photo Courtesy of John McQuay of 8541 Tactical

STALKER Tactical Rifles / Sniper Weapon Systems

Drake Associates Inc. is a U.S. veteran owned business development corporation with a specialty in the tactical rifle sniper weapon systems and extensive experience in business operations, management and sales/marketing.



NEW PRODUCTS - "D.O.P.E. in a Bag" Kits


New Product – “D.O.P.E. in a BAG”TM
Not what you think….. “ a BAG” TM is a custom DRAKE ASSOCIATES STALKER SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEM Data Plate(s) kit for your STALKER Sniper Weapon Systems that attach to picitinny rails. Plates are made from composite and aluminum. These custom “D.O.P.E. in a Bag” TM DATA Plates are available through DRAKE ASSOCIATES exclusively and will be in 5.56 (MK262), .308 (M118LR), .30-06 (190Gr), .300WM (MK248 and MK248 mod 1) .338LM (250 and 300gr) and .50BMG (M33, M8, API, APIT, MK211 as well as AMAX). Plates are designed around ballistics for sniper use, match / mil spec ammunition. Custom Gun Rails are building these exclusively for Drake Associates, and “D.O.P.E. in a Bag” TM kit will feature data plates (choice of 5) in a soft microfiber bag. Other data plates will be available on request. You can have all the high tech PDA’s and Ballistic Calculators, however, as we all know batteries fail in the field and data plates don’t require electronics.


Stalker Sniper Weapon Systems
STALKER 700 / .308 REMINGTON featuring 16.5" 
Urban Sniper Deployment Barrel 
 STALKER 700 / .308 REMINGTON 700 Short Action

 STALKER 700 / .300WM REMINGTON 700 Long Action