Custom Sniper Rifle


The New HUNTER STALKER Sniper Weapon System designed for the Hunter, Tactical Marksman and Law Enforcement Sniper. This custom sniper rifle is “Designed by Snipers for Snipers” with the finest components available in a light weight, long range system.

tactical sniper rifle


Stalker 700 / .308W was designed and built as an upgraded varient to the new US Military’s M24E program or PSR program. Stalker 700 / .308W Sniper Weapon system is commercially available. This precision rifle has been supplied to many US Military Snipers or members of service and US Law Enforcement as a rifle that they have personally chosen for use in sniper deployment and competition use. The STALKER 308 has been furnished to several end-user groups that deploy with the M40 Sniper Weapon System worldwide and favor this weapon as an upgrade to the M40 System.

Pink Stalker


A portion of the Proceeds from the sales of the PINK STALKER SERIES RIFLES in .308, .30-06 and .300WM will be donated to the Fighting Chance Organization & Free Cancer Counseling Center. Long Island has one of the highest rates of cancer and breast cancer in the United States and we felt that it would be most appropriate to help our community.

PINK STALKER SERIES rifles will feature a very custom PINK coating and will have all the specific features as noted on the TACTICAL Series systems.

Stalker Chassis


DRAKE has some awesome chassis to choose from for the Tactical Shooter. We offer our own line of chassis that was designed “FOR SNIPERS BY SNIPERS.” Please see our DRAKE HUNTER STALKER LWSS UNIVERSAL CHASSIS SYSTEMS and also the CADEX Defense systems. Our tactical chassis are available for refit of Remington and Savage models.




Titanium TiTAN

The TiTAN™ Barrel System is a HIGH PERFORMANCE, LIGHT WEIGHT, LONG RANGE PRECISION BARREL SYSTEM that is manufactured under a US patent-pending process that increases the strength and reduces barrel weight by as much as 45%. An important application for the TiTAN™ barrel system is a upgrade and retrofit for US Military and US Law Enforcement sniper weapon systems, Civilian Tactical Shooters and Long Range Hunters precision rifles.



Precision Stalker Rifle
custom sniper rifles

Also available is the HUNTER STALKER Long Action .30-06, 7mm Mag or .300WM SNIPER WEAPON SYSTEM that features a 20″ MATCH Tactical Profile Barrel (with QUICK CHANGE BARREL CAPABLE system) and the new Hunter Stalker LWSS long action chassis system for engaging targets beyond 1000m. Rifle system chassis – PATENT PENDING